Portly Eats | Noodles for Lunch | Kymmoy, Cambridge


I was just a hungry soul looking for lunch wandering up and down Burleigh Street in Cambridge before I decided to check out Kymmoy. I feel bad in saying, I never really eat on that side of town, my dining trips tend to stick to the city centre and the famously renamed Meat Street.

I hadn’t actually realised quite how many little bistros and restaurants had sprung up around the Grafton area. Definitely going to make it my mission to try them all, or at least most of them. So I had a browse at the menu of Kymmoy and wandered in. I hadn’t actually seen that Kymmoy does a lunch deal for hungry punters and office workers.

There is a hot counter with a variety of dishes to tempt you it’s £6 to eat in (which I would recommend as I can’t help feeling you get more on a plate) or £5.50 to take away and you get your noodles in a box! Which I always love.

I wanted to eat in as I didn’t fancy getting take-out to sit on a bench outside when I could enjoy my food at a table. I ordered what I wanted. Some egg noodles and a beef dish. The guy behind the counter then was like ‘you have two more items sir.’ So to my beef and noodles, I added a very well spiced green chicken curry and some fine vermicelli noodles.

The food was really well cooked and served piping hot. There was a good steady flow of people coming in and getting lunch too. One of the reasons I went was because I saw so many purple noodle boxes walk by me.

Kymmoy is at 11 Burleigh St, Cambridge CB1 1DG and is the perfect little spot for a lazy lunch. Please do go check it out!


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