Portly Cooks | Salmon Salad


I’ve never been the biggest fan of fresh cooked salmon. Give me some smoked salmon or raw salmon and I will happily eat it, cooked salmon hasn’t really awakened my tastebuds. I have now realised what the issue was, I was trying to eat too much of it and lets face it salmon is a pretty rich fish.

I’ve now found if I have about 100g of it with some salad and french dressing it is actually very nice indeed. I do however, have to cook it to within an inch of its life as I like it crispy on every single side. This can lead to some interesting leaning of salmon in the pan so i can cook all sides until they are golden and crispy.

It’s become my go to for lunch, a hot out of the pan slice of salmon with some cold salad leaves and dressing, its really good and also fairly low in calories and makes you feel full, whats not to like?


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