Portly Eats | 2 for 1 Burgers | The White Hotel, Newmarket

241 cheese burger

On Wednesday I ventured to The White Hart Hotel in Newmarket for a few mid-week beverages. I wasn’t planning on eating, more content to have a couple of IPA’s and head home and cook something there. However, Burger me it was Wednesday!

At The White Hart, this means that its 2 for 1 on all burgers, you buy 2 and get the cheapest free all day. Got to be good right?

So sitting down in a booth I had a look through the menu, I decided I would keep it simple and ordered the Cheese Burger. This came as you can see with Beetroot ‘slaw and skinny fries. The burger itself was a 6oz patty and was cooked perfectly, retaining a little pinkness in the centre.

241 burgers white hart

The meal literally came to £8.50 as we both had the cheese burger, a mid-week meal out for two for under a tenner! If you have a free evening on a Wednesday I’d definitely say pop into The White Hart and grab yourself a burger!


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