Portly Cooks | Chilli and Lemongrass, Squid and Prawn Noodles


Squid is my favourite seafood, I will walk across hot coals for deep fried crispy squid, it’s just as good stir fried. Get down to your local fishmonger, get some squid and some prawns and make this one this evening.

  • 1 whole small squid (cleaned and cut into rings)
  • 10 prawns
  • 1 noodle nest
  • Chilli and Lemongrass Seasoning fromP&D Artisan Products
  • Sriracha
  • Mayonnaise
  • Rocket

In a freezer bag, coat the squid and prawns in the chilli and lemongrass seasoning. In some boiling water re-hydrate the noodles, I used wholewheat ones, I find they have more texture.

Next, heat a little oil in a wok, heat some oil until it’s smoking hot (literally). Stir fry the squid and prawns for about a minute and then add the noodles. Stir Fry for another minute and a half and then add the rocket and whilt it.

Transfer the noodles to a bowl and top with the Sriracha and Mayonniase and enjoy! It’s as simple as that!



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  1. Yumm!! I love a good noodle dish. This looks so fresh and vibrant (:

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