Portly Eats | Tiramisu | Pompi, Rome, Italy


What is a Visit to The Eternal City without trying an Italian Classic!? I found Pompi whilst wandering the back streets near The Spanish Steps. It’s quite an unassuming place but once I got there it Quickly had a line out of the door.

At first I thought it just sold Ice Cream but I’d had one of those at the Panteon (It was dead good). On further investigation (going inside) I found that it sold Tiramisu!

It’s one of my favourite desserts and I rarely get to have it, so as they say ‘when in Rome…’I ordered myself one and took it to eat on The Spanish Steps it’s one of the best tiramisus I think I have ever eaten!

The Tiramisu came in a variety of flavours, I stuck to classic, because I felt I should, it was €4 and well worth it, so if you’re ever in Rome, stick Pompi in Google Maps and get yourself one.



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