Portly Eats | Dumplings | Zhong Hua Snacks, Cambridge, UK


Dumplings! Oh my god Dumplings! Zhong Hua Snacks is truly a hidden gem on the Cambridge dining scene. Nestled just up from CB2, which incidentally is really rather good for live music and a few drinks. Zhong Hua Snacks serves some pretty awesome dumplings, it was recommended by a friend from Hong Kong telling us we should go as its pretty damn good.

We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table but for dumplings this good who cares? The restaurant is only tiny I counted about 8 tables, I couldn’t see properly as it was rammed with people devouring their dumplings with gusto. We ordered a selection of Dumplings to share.

We had; Lamb and Coriander, Beef and Paprika, Prawn and my all time favourite Char Siu Bao washed down with two pearl teas and a regular tea. It’s so tasty it’s ridiculous and absolutely wonderful for a cold winters evening. Everything was expertly seasoned and each dumpling perfectly cooked. You can specify whether you would like them steamed or fried, the choice is yours.

The dumplings come in twelves and so are perfect for sharing and generally getting involved. We had a Char Siu Bao each. Let’s be fair I want a BBQ pork stuffed cloud for myself… the whole thing came to £28.50, so its excellent value for money too. If you haven’t tried it go have a look although, be prepared to wait a bit as Zhong Hua Snacks is super popular as we left there was a line 10 deep out the door waiting for dumpling salvation from the bitter winter weather.


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