Portly Eats | Afternoon Tea | Fortnum and Mason, London, UK


Afternoon Tea is a British Tradition. We are famous for it around the world, and lets be honest who doesn’t like a brew and a bit of cake in the afternoon? Fortnum and Mason is probably one of the most famous department stores in London maybe the world.

 On the fourth floor is the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon a whole floor dedicated to the perfect Afternoon Tea experience. As you step out of the lift or up from the stairs you are greeted and shown to your seat, while a pianist plays delightful music as a background for your afternoon.

 Once seated you are brought a menu with a choice of meals for you to enjoy, we chose the Afternoon tea, which is the traditional sweet version. Fortnums have a savoury option too. The Afternoon tea comes on 3 tiers, the top consisting of bitesized patisserie. The second, scones, both plain and fruit and finally the bottom tier a selection of perfectly presented sandwiches.

 Our Sandwiches were; Smoked Salmon, Egg, Coronation Chicken, Cucumber and Ham. All cut into perfect finger sized rectangles, with out the crusts… of course.

 To go with your cakes and sandwiches you can choose from a wide selection of Fortnums Tea Blends, we had the Queen Anne and Early Grey. You can also select anything you like from the cake trolley too! The leaf tea comes in its own pot complete with strainer and for your cup all in the Fortnums colours.

 All plates are refillable, so you can stuff yourself silly with delicate pastry and sandwiches for the duration of your afternoon in the Diamond Jubilee Salon. All tables are booked for 1 and a half hours with a server to look after you and answer any questions you may have.

To go with your scones too, there is a selection of jam, lemon curd and clotted cream, in case it didn’t feel decadent enough. The Jubilee Salon does make you feel as though you have been transported to an Agatha Christie novel, with giant windows, super thick carpets and servers in waistcoats and pristine white aprons.

 If you have never had Afternoon Tea can I suggest that you have it at Fortnums the service is fabulous, the food is wonderful and for a special occassion it is a perfectly indulgent afternoon. I cannot recommend it enough. Once you have finished your tea you can then spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around the fabulous department store itself.

 Fortnum and Mason is in Piccadilly and a Traditional Afternoon Tea is £44 per person with as I said unlimited tea, cake and sandwiches. You can even have what you couldn’t finish boxed up for you to take home with you. All in all a fabulous afternoon out in London.



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