Portly Eats | White Bakery | Pescara, Italy


Everything is better with bacon. Which is the main reason I ordered the Shredded Chicken and Bacon Sandwich from White bakery in Pescara, Italy. White Bakery is an American Style restaurant chain, serving food all day, they have a cake counter too which looked amazing.

As I said I orders the chicken and bacon sandwich, it came in some nicely toasted bread, with salad, PLENTY of bacon and chicken and a spicy red pepper sauce. I’m ashamed to say that I ordered in English and didn’t try to order in Italian. Our server was lovely and very helpful making sure we had everything we needed.

It’s American style theme continues to the portion sizes which were huge! After my sandwich we ordered a New York Style cheesecake (no pic as busy eating). I think all in all it came to about €10 which for a giant sandwich, a shared cheesecake and a coke, I think is not bad value at all.


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