Portly Cooks | Blue Cheese and Pancetta Linguine


If you’re looking for something light to have before the onslaught of festive eating might I suggest this one, It has everything that you’ll probably have in the house ready for Christmas anyway, what could be simpler!?

  •  75g Linguine
  • 50g Pancetta / Bacon Lardons
  • Handful of Rocket
  • 30g Blue Cheese

 Start by cooking the pasta as this is the most time consuming. Break the linguine in half and cook for about 6 minutes in salted boiling water. Once done, drain and leave to one side. In a wok or pan, fry the pancetta until its nice and crispy and all the flavour filled juices have come out into the pan. Into the same pan add the cooked linguine and rocket and give it a quick stir fry. Finally, crumble the blue into the pan give a quick stir and serve!


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