Portly Cooks | Calves Liver & Wild Mushrooms


I love simple food, don’t get me wrong having swooshes and pearls of whatever is amazing but sometimes simple hits the spot just right.

This one has only a few ingredients and to be honest it’s super cheap too, 3 slices of calves liver cost €2.10, and covered this and breakfast the next morning. Who said eating well has to be expensive?

  • 2 slices of calves liver
  • 150g wild mushrooms (or regular field mushrooms)
  • Handfull of salad leaves
  • Knob of butter
  • Seasoning

Slice or rip the mushrooms into edible sized chunks and in a little oil fry until slightly crsipy, about 5 minutes.

Keep them in the pan but move them to one side, now you can cook the calves liver, it’s going to need about a minute either side otherwise it will be tough!

Finally add the butter to glaze the meat and serve with the salad leaves, simple no?



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