Portly Eats | Shabu Shabu | Pescara, Italy


If you’ve been reading for a while or if you look back through my posts on here you’ll see I love Asian food and Sushi!

On a Friday night after a busy week I was invited by some friends to go to Shabu Shabu 2 in Pescara.

The deal €21 for all you can fit in! I’ve said before and i’ll say again, the idea of buffets (for me at least) is to make the owner question there profit margins.

We certainly managed that! There were 8 of us including myself and the picture you see ^^ is only round one of about 3 truck loads of Sushi brought to our table.  We had ordered so much food that we made a list to help out the servers!

The food was amazing! There was udon noodles, maki, nigiri, sashimi and gyoza, a personal favourite of mine. Everything was freshly prepared and fabulous, i would definitely recommened a visit if you have a Shabu Shabu near you and feel the need for some sushi!


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