Portly Eats | Aperitvo | Caffe Venezia, Pescara, Italy


I’ve never had Aperitivo before, mainly because I’ve never really spent that much time in Italy.  At Caffe Venezia in Pescara I had my first Aperitivo and you know what I’m definitely going back!

On a sunny evening at the end of september and in need of a drink we wandered into Caffe Venezia and were greeted with ‘Salve!’

We were shown to a table and asked what we would like, ‘due birra, per favore’ our reply.

We were then asked whether we would like some snacks to go with our beer. We agreed but I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting more than maybe some nuts or crisps or something… I was thankfully VERY wrong.

We were presented with a feast on a plate, mini lasgne, assorted pizza, mini broiche rolls with cured meats, olives and mozzarella.

What was even more exciting for me at least was that it only cost us the beer. The food was entirely free! This is definitely an idea I could get into!

Caffe Venezia is in Pescara and Aperitivo (well my beer) was €6.


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