Portly Eats | Hai Bin | Pescara, Italy


There is one rule and one rule only when frequenting an all you can eat buffet. That rule is to make the owners of the establishment want to check their profit margin by the time you leave.  Hai Bin sits on the Pescara seafront in Italy. Its Pan-Asian menu is really very good indeed it has Chinese, Thai and Japanese as well as items for less well travelled palettes such as pizza, chips and roast potatoes.

The restaurant is huge and in the summer I would assume it is entirely packed, when I was there even on a Sunday evening at the end of September there were a good number of people enjoying the Asian fare.

Starting with the Chinese food theres your usual assortment of takeout food such as; spring rolls, beef in black bean and crab claws, which are a personal favourite and normally in the UK are so luminous you could use them to guide you home.

The Thai section is all cooked to order, you go to their (for want of a better word) kiosk and ask them to prepare whatever you want from the menu, give them your table number and then once ready a server brings it over you.

The Japanese section features a good array of fresh made sushi, some of it so intricate I wondered how they had actually done it! Behind the Japanese section is a selection of fish including slip soles, prawns of varying sizes, with shells on, shells off and on sticks. Next to the fish a selection of raw meats, the idea, you select what you would like cooked, put it on a plate and put the plate along with your table number on the counter at the chefs flat top, once again its brought to your table once cooked.  Finally if you have any room left after all the fab food there are little petit fours for you to indulge in.

So if you’re holidaying in Pescara, Hai Bin is definitely worth a look, it was 18 euros for all you can eat and the food and staff were lovely.



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