Portly Eats | Pizzeria Il Ciocco | Pescara, Italy


Salvatore was the name of the pizza I had managed to order myself in broken basic Italian with the help of some very understanding staff at Pizzeria Il Ciocco in Pescara.  We stumbled upon the Pizzeria while looking for some ‘proper’ Italian food. We realised we had been in Italy for 2 days and had not yet had anything that could be referred to as Italian.

The pizza was super hot, I stood and watched made and cooked in the giant pizza oven behind the counter.  The crust was thin and super crispy and there was just the right amount of topping, I have to admit I did dip my pizza in ketchup… but hey it’s my pizza I’ll eat it how I like!

The price was awesome too my pizza was only 6 Euro which I thought was fantastic for a freshly prepared stone baked pizza! So for a restaurant I found by chance ive actually been back two more times 1. Because the pizza and the staff are lovely and 2. They are patient and let me practise my Italian. So if you happen to be on Holiday in Pescara Italy be sure to grab yourself a pizza or two.


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