Portly Eats | Comfort Food: Platten’s Fish & Chips | Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk, UK


Comfort food takes many forms; I think this one though is engrained in most Brits. You really can’t go wrong with good fish and chips. The smell of the frying mixed together with the strong heady scent of vinegar being shaken over hot chips, its a smell evocative of childhood trips to the seaside.

On a very sunny Sunday I found myself  at Wells-Next-The-Sea, for me one of my favourite places on the entire Norfolk coast having spent many happy summers on Holiday there.  So with fish and chips on our minds (and actually the main reason we went to Wells) we found ourselves in the queue for Plattens Fish and Chips on the harbour side.

I got myself traditional Cod and Chips, a hearty portion of both chips and fish left me struggling to finish them all. I’m pleased to say I did  and doused in a generous amount of salt and vinegar they were wonderful and really hit the spot!  Having wall to wall sunshine and a lovely view of Wells harbour topped it all off.


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