Portly Eats | Wasabi | Cambridge, UK


I’ve watched it being built and I’ve walked by it a ton over the last few months, but now, finally, I have ventured inside. Wasabi is what I would call a fast casual dining place. In Cambridge it has an upstairs seating area if you don’t fancy feeling like you’re eating in a goldfish bowl.

The food is made fresh on site every day. I had a sushi box as well as some mochi and some lychee iced tea. The sushi was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it even came with its own little sauce pots for the ginger and soy sauce.

The thing I was most intrigued by was the mocha, I had seen lots of it by watching YouTubers based in Japan but I had never actually eaten it until now.  Mochi is a glutinous rice dessert, it has a very odd texture to the touch and freaked me out a little when I first picked it up. Inside it had sweetened bean paste which is an Asian favourite.  Although not as sweet as most desserts here in the UK it was pleasant and strangely moreish and I’m not really sure why, I would definitely buy it again though.

Finally I washed all of my yummy food down with a lychee bubble tea, it was amazing, im a big fan of bubble tea and these bubbles burst in your mouth flooding you tastebuds with lychee juice! Definitely refreshing!  Wasabi is in Cambridge city centre 23 Petty Cury.


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