Portly Eats | Inamo | Covent Garden, London, UK


Going out for dinner should be a fun experience and it doesn’t get much more fun than having an interactive table, complete with games, menu, different backgrounds, kitchen cam and drawing app!  This is what you get when you eat at Inamo.

We walked in and were shown to our seats. We were given an iPad with the menu on.  You can scroll through all the menu items, food, drink etc and then once you’ve made your choice you can add it to your order. That is if you stop playing with the table games long enough to choose something to eat!

We decided to have, Korean Wings which were served in a bowl with a super sticky sweet and spicy sauce, and they were fabulous. We also had Char Sui Bao which is my favourite dim sum dish in the world! I hadn’t had them for about 4 years and they were wonderful, especially when dipped in the sauce from the wings.

To go with the wings and the char sui bao we got some sushi, some in the form of a sharing platter and some in the form of a fried soft shell crab rolls.  If you have never had a soft shell crab I would urge you if you ever see it on a menu order it! they are to die for and because they are usually fried there isn’t much not to like!

The Inamo I went to is in Covent Garden, if you like Asian food and having fun while you eat, go to Inamo, play with the tables, order with the iPad and eat the fantastic food!



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