Portly Eats | Steak & Honour | Food Park, Cambridge, UK

Steak and Honour

I recently had the pleasure of finally getting my hands on a Steak & Honour Burger at Food Park Cambridge.  I love street food and Steak & Honour are up there with the best. On a rainy Friday at Food Park at the station, I made my way to their awesome red Citroen H Van (I’m a bit jealous, I’d love one and they have 2).

There was a 20 minute wait but who cares for burgers like this that’s completely fine AND if they didn’t have a wait I’d be a bit worried.  Anyway I ordered the classic and some fries. Seeing as this was my first time I thought I’d order that and it was lovely! The burger comes with everything you need for a fab burger.  Lettuce, Gherkin, Onion, Ketchup and Mustard all in a brioche bun, the fries, like the burgers are cooked to order and are piping hot, I don’t think mine made it 10 feet from the van before I was half down them.

When I got to eat the burger I had to go find somewhere quiet so I couldn’t be seen and I could enjoy the burger all to myself.  It was absolutely fantastic and I’ll definitely be going back! What’s more the grapevine tells me that they are opening a restaurant in Cambridge soon too!  So either find them at a Food Park or pop along to their restaurant once it’s open. The Classic is £6.


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