Portly Cooks | Crushed Avocado Bruschetta


I don’t like avocado, I like guacamole, but avocado on its own isn’t really for me.  This Bruschetta  is on the menu at the restaurant I cook at.  For me its green mush on toast but people seem to love it. Nigella even managed to make it into a thing when she put the green wonder food on some toast. If you are a fan however this is what you need to do.

  • ½ avocado (crushed)
  • Thick slice of ciabatta (toasted)

It’s really that simple ^ crush the avocado with a fork, add some seasoning, salt, pepper maybe some chilli powder. Toast the bread and then put the avocado on it. That’s it… right I’m off to get a back sandwich.



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  1. It’s really good that you’re open to trying new things! Even if you don’t really like it… Thanks for this I love avocado! Would definitely try this one day..

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