Portly Eats | The Fox Mexican | Burwell, Cambridge UK


In the heart of the village of Burwell is The Fox, flanked on one side by The Bengal Fox, Indian Restaurant and The Fox Mexican Restaurant on the other. My destination was the Mexican, a cosy little restaurant with giant portions of fantastic food!

Mexican food for me can be hit and miss sometimes, either too spicy (like get a me a tanker of milk, painfully spicy) or so meh and dull there is nothing there at all.  At The Fox this was not the case, the generous serving of Chilli had the perfect amount of spice, still allowing the sweetness of the meat to sing through.

My taco shell was a whole fried tortilla rather than the shells that are like odd shaped Doritos. The wrap added even more flavour to the meal, I’m not sure but it tasted slightly sweet too which I very much enjoyed. If I’m honest, I saved the taco shell until last because it was super good and covered with the chilli I hadn’t managed to stuff in my face it was in the words of Guy Fieri ‘A trip to flavourtown’.

Along with the very large taco my meal came with; rice, guacamole and sour cream, which when mixed with the chilli was fantastic! We had started our meal with a sharing plate of ‘Macho Nachos’ which gave us all something to nibble on while we waited for our main courses. I have to say that they were really nice too, who doesn’t love tortilla chips smother in cheese, guacamole and sour cream?

The Fox Mexican in Burwell is really very good indeed, if you ever get the chance to pop in, make sure you stop for food. It’s also dead reasonable too, my taco dish was only £10 and I was left feeling very full and happy.  Give it a whirl.


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