Portly Eats | 6 Ice Cream | Cambridge, UK

6 Ice Cream

Real amazing flavoured ice cream is sometimes hard to find, not anymore. There is a new ice cream place in Cambridge it’s called 6.  At 6 they make all of their ice cream from locally sourced ingredients and it’s served in chilled churns at the order counter.

Their flavours change daily and the ice cream is so fresh the menu is written on paper!  The day I went caramel almond crunch was on the flavour list, along with chocolate and chilli (which has some serious kick behind it). along with fab ice cream they have sorbets and even do ice cream floats!!!  You can get your ice cream in a cone or a tub depending how you feel and can get a fresh coffee to wash it down too!

I decided to go for the caramel almond crunch in a cone, with a flake.  At first I wasn’t going to have any toppings to go with my ice cream, but if there’s a flake on offer who am I to say no? 6 is located just along from The Eagle and if you have a chance to dive into 6 and grab a cone, please do I can’t recommend it highly enough!


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