Portly Eats | Waffles | The Waffle Man, Cambridge


Waffles, I made my first ever waffle in Oregon earlier this year, have a look here. I was directed by one of my friends to go try ‘The Waffle Man’ on Cambridge market, I’m so glad I did! Bernard is his name and waffles are his game.

He has been on Cambridge Market for a few years. His stall is one of those hidden treasures, and it is amazing. On a sunny Friday morning having wandered into town in search of lunch, I decided to skip the pre-packed sandwich for something altogether better and heart warming.

I headed straight for ‘The Waffle Man’s’ stall on the edge of the market and ordered the Brazilian Waffle (I don’t think this is a thing in Belgium but who cares). It was freshly made to order and then smothered with its toppings.

Melted dark chocolate (I was given a choice of chocolate), ice cream, spray cream, syrup and I think toasted nuts although I’m not sure on that one. Anyway it was utterly amazing and on a warm, sunny morning just what I needed for my lunch.

So if you’re in Cambridge, wandering around and in need of something to perk you up, please head to The Waffle Man on the market square, you won’t regret it!


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