Portly Eats | Nanna Mexico | Cambridge, UK

Sometimes you can be disappointed when you go out, it doesn’t happen often but its part of life.  A few days ago I ventured to Nanna Mexico in search of their fabled ‘Big Ass Burrito’.
I had heard great things so I decided that is what I wanted. If you’ve not been Nanna Mexico is like Subway but for Mexican food and I have to be honest the food is not bad. What let it down was the service.

I think the people that served me and my friend were new, now i’m not going to complain too much, I feel for the servers they were clearly in need of guidance and help.

My friend ordered enchaladas which our server was unsure of how to make and I ordered a beef burrito, which our aerver forgot to add beef to till they asked if id like anything else in my burrito.

As I said the food  was alright and the burrito definitely filled me up, not sure i’ll return though, my meal and drink came to about £7 so if you passing and want casual lunch maybe try them out.


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