Portly Eats | Reys Rotisserie Chicken | Cambridge, UK

Reys 1

Chicken can be magical sometimes, whether it’s a healing roast chicken dinner covered in gravy, to cure a hangover, or crispy wings dripping in hot sauce ready for the super bowl.  Rotisserie chicken is something I normally pick up on those evenings when I can’t be bothered to cook, Cambridge now has a restaurant dedicated to these flavoursome birds, it’s called Reys.

After being greeted and seated, it was time to decide what to have. Initially I was thinking about having the half chicken and that being that, but the sides… I needed them.  In the end we chose the quarter chicken (which was actually massive), the crispy battered wings, the pulled chicken brioche courgette fries and sweet potato fries, all smothered in Reys Hot Sauce.

I loved the hot sauce, it’s a house made sauce, it’s very rich and has just the right amount of heat.  What I mean is that it’s not too hot to overpower the chicken, so you can still enjoy your food without feeling like you need to down a gallon of water after every bite.

Reys 2
Source: https://www.instagram.com/loobykharbanda/

The courgette fries are to die for! Really crispy batter surrounding little sticks of courgette (it’s green, so healthy… right?) the sweet potato fries too were like shards of glass! I’ve never been able to get mine like that… ever.  So if you’re looking for a fab chicken dinner and are out and about in Cambridge make sure you check out Reys, it’s amazing!


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