Portly Eats | Buffalo Wild Wings | Medford, OR

Buffalo Wild Wings

Since the first time I ever visited the US I have been addicted to Buffalo Sauce. I have clinked my way through customs many times, my luggage laden with bottles of Franks Red Hot. A trip for lunch to Buffalo Wild Wings after a long Journey from Portland to Medford in Southern Oregon was more than welcome.

I chose the chicken tenders with buffalo sauce of course! How can you not? Crispy pieces of boneless fried chicken and fries were the perfect antidote to a long drive. I was actually well into eating my food before remembered to take a photo! It was really very nice indeed.

My food was washed down with a very large glass of beer which I have to tell you caused me some confusion… when I ordered it our waitress asked if I wanted a 16oz or 22oz… I honestly have no idea how big either of those are being from the UK, it turns out that 16oz is a pint, which is good to know for future travel.  I got the 22oz as it was on happy hour and the same price as a pint so, bonus!


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