Portly Eats | Voodoo Doughnuts | Portland, OR


After wandering around Lan Su Gardens and the rest of Chinatown in Portland under a blazing hot sun, we were in need or a giant sugar hit to perk ourselves up. There was only one place to go. Voodoo Doughnuts had been pointed out to us the evening before whilst en route for a Spanish coffee at Hubers.

Voodoo is a tourist hot spot for everyone, who doesn’t love a doughnut!?  It’s also famous for its long queues, although when we got there wasn’t a massive wait I think maybe 10 minutes or so.  The choice inside is mind boggling and I spent most of my time trying to work out what I actually wanted to order.  You can see many or the doughnuts on offer in a rotating display cabinet that just makes you want to say ‘I’ll take them all’ when you reach the counter.

I knew I needed the voodoo doll doughnut, needed is the correct term, it’s a fairly big doughnut filled with jam and topped with chocolate frosting utterly indulgent but SO good! We ordered 6 in total, The Voodoo Doll, The Marshall Mathers, which took me a good day to finally work out its name (its covered in M&M’s…) also on our list was the Portland Cream, The Homer Simpson, which looks like the ones from the TV show, The Miami Vice, a rather vivid blue and pink frosted doughnut and finally a caramel doughnut.

Our 6 doughnuts came to no more than $11 which I thought was ridiculously cheap! AND we got one of the famous pink Voodoo Boxes.  Voodoo is a must visit if you’re in Portland, the doughnuts are fresh made and fluffy, good things really do come in pink boxes!


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