Portly Eats | River Bar Steakhouse and Grill | Cambridge, UK

Riverbar Ribeye

Just down from Quayside in Cambridge, tucked away on the banks on the Cam lies the River Bar Steakhouse and Grill. Somewhere formally unknown to me until I was taken there by friends, who knew where it was and like the island in Pirates of the Caribbean therefore knew how to find it!

I’m very glad they did, after climbing the stairs to the restaurant we were greeted with a warm handshake and a welcome, and then shown to our table. Next to our table was a well-stocked wine rack and adorning the walls paintings of some famous faces from history; Christopher Marlowe and Henry V watch over eager diners.

After spending a little while trying to work out who the people in some of the paintings were, I have to admit Marlowe was a bit tricky (we had to ask), we got around to looking over the menu.  We were in a steakhouse, so for me and my friends that means only one thing can be ordered… steak in all of its various delicious cuts. Water was brought to the table and our glasses filled, as we ordered a couple of bottles of wine, I think you should never have to ask for water for the table in a restaurant, such was the case at the River Bar, excellent!

Eventually I had to make a decision as to what to eat; I must say the choice was a difficult one.  I went for the ribeye; I love it as it has plenty of fat through the meat itself which adds so much flavour to the finished product. I ordered it medium rare just to render that fat a little more and make it even more amazing!

Riverbar Steaks
Source: http://www.riverbarsteakhouse.com/static/pdfs/restaurant-menu.pdf

It came, perfectly cooked, with a generous amount of butter on top, a serving of chips and a wonderful béarnaise sauce on the side. As you can see from the picture you have a choice of sauces for your steak, on our table I think we covered every sauce and four of the different steaks on offer.  So to sum up; the front of house staff were extremely friendly, the service was fantastic, the food was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed the Riverbar and if you get a chance to go make sure you do, I’ll definitely be back!


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