Portly Drinks | Bubble Tea @ Red Robe | Portland, OR


I wasn’t so sure the first time I heard the phrase; ‘Bubble Tea.’ I wasn’t sure what on earth people were talking about. Is it carbonated iced tea? Is it hot tea with bubbles in it? What’s wrong with a normal cup of tea to dunk biscuits in? I asked. I wasn’t right on my guesses as to what Bubble Tea was either.  Turns out it’s a tea base mix that’s blended with fruit flavouring and milk and then has little ‘bubbles’ of tapioca plunked into it.

The first time I tried it, I wasn’t sold. I think I chose the wrong flavour… although, this time after wandering around Portland’s China Town in blazing sunshine, lunch was needed and this lunch came with bubble tea.  I chose a mango one this time, and you know what? It was really very nice indeed and I’m now hooked on this super sweet soft drink. To eat in Red Robe, I had a BBQ Pork noodle soup, which I must say was lovely and super filling.

So if you get the chance and you happen to be near Red Robe in Chinatown, Portland, make sure you stop and pick up a bubble tea. Maybe even take it with you and have a look around the Lan Su Chinese Garden a block or so away, you can see a bit of it below! We were given a free ticket by the lady running the restaurant so well worth stopping by!


Portly Visits | Lan Su Gardens | Portland, OR



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