Portly Eats | Wok & Go | Cambridge, UK

Wok n Go

Noodles in a box! Noodles in a box! I’m quite a fan of noodles and love it when they come in those little cardboard boxes, I have no idea why but it just makes me smile. Wok & Go in Cambridge has those little boxes and some pretty lovely noodles too!

They have an extensive selection of noodles or rice boxes for you to choose from, all of which are cooked to order. They also have their build a box section of the menu, which is what I ordered. You can pick from your choice of Egg, Soba, Vermicelli and Udon Noodle, steamed or fried rice, then a selection of meats including; Chicken and Beef and finally you can choose your sauce; Teriyaki, Black Bean, Singapore and so on.

For once I made a decision fairly swiftly seeing the words; Udon, Beef and Teriyaki on a menu makes picking what I want for lunch a very easy choice. Once ordered I was given one of those buzzy things that goes off when your food is ready, I watched as the 3 who were in front of me returned their buzzer and then… mine went off! Time to eat!

My food was delivered to me in its white box, complete with chopsticks (there’s an option for a fork if you’re not keen on the sticks) and a fountain soda cup, a nice touch I thought.  The noodles were well coated with my choice of sauce and were piping hot (they had just come out of a wok) with some beef and vegetables making up the rest of the box.

Wok & Go is at Bragghouse Brookgate Cambridge, near the train station. So if you’re around there at Lunchtime or even after a day down in London and need some tasty reasonably priced food. Take a look at Wok & Go. They’re open 11am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 10pm on Sundays.


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