Portly Drinks @ Huber’s, Portland, OR


Getting a coffee at the end of a night out may seem like the best idea. They give the option at the end of 3 course meals, so why the hell not? We were lead from the bar we had been in, across the street around the back in through another door into the oldest bar in Portland. The way we had entered it seemed that this place could only be found by people who know where it is, Hubers Bar Restaurant of Portland had been discovered.

The coffee in question I was about to find out was going to add to the alcohol already consumed. It is a signature of the house and our server was a pro at making it. I have never been so awe inspired whilst watching someone make a coffee before… IT WAS ON FIRE!! Watch the coffee being made here:

The coffee contains; Kahlua, Barcardi 151, Triple Sec, Coffee and cream (if there’s any room in the glass after the booze…) I have to say even with all that in it, it was fantastic at $10.50/£7.50 for a drink and a show I thought it was really reasonably priced too! You must visit Hubers while you’re in Portland it is after all the oldest restaurant in the city and with coffees like the Spanish coffee I ahd, I can certainly see why!



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