Portly Eats @ Blue Star Donuts, Portland, OR

Blue Star

‘Donuts’ for Grownups is emblazoned on the wall as you walk into this fabulous little store on NW 23rd Avenue in Portland, OR.  They strive to provide quality over quantity, with a recipe from the south of France that takes a whole 18 hours to come to fruition. There is a hell of a lot of love in these doughnuts. They were featured in Bon Appetit Magazine the week I visited, in a haze of heightened doughnut sense I spied the bright pink doughnut that sat on the magazine’s cover, telling people they should visit Blue Star.

Inside there was a broad selection for doughnuts to pick from. I have to admit I played it safe and went for the chocolate and salted almond doughnut.  I have to say I was not disappointed either it was wonderful! The dough was super soft with just the right amount of topping to make the entire thing a taste sensation!  Washed down with some water we picked up in store.

I thought that was an excellent addition especially on a hot morning in Portland. The other reason I loved it so much was that I believe you should never have to ask for water in a restaurant or food premises, Blue Star was simply selling to go doughnuts to hungry people like me and the fact they had water ready to rock n roll was so nice. If you get a chance to visit Blue Star please do, I thoroughly enjoyed my doughnut and wish I lived a little bit closer and not on another continent entirely!


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  1. The Pawky Weasel says:

    Obviously Voodoo Doughnut doesn’t really practice voodoo (or just sucks at it), otherwise this goldmine of gourmet fried dough would’ve gone out of business. Blue Star blew my mind.

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