Butch Burgers in Cambs, Portly Eats @ Butch Annie’s, Cambridge

Butch Annies

Monday nights, everyone talks about going meat free and how Monday should be quick and easy. Well this may not be meat free but it’s definitely easy! Butch Annie’s in Cambridge is located just across the road from TK Maxx. A small doorway into a hidden subterranean restaurant, serving some mighty good burgers and funky side dishes.

Now the title of greatest burger I have ever eaten is held by Little Big Burger in Portland, OR.  However, that being said, for a burger with the same qualities that make that burger what it is and also being slightly closer to home. Butch Annie’s Ooh La La burger is perfect.

What I mean by that is everything is there but there’s not too much of each thing and key for somewhere that doesn’t have knives and forks, it doesn’t slip and slide and fall apart when you eat it!

The Ooh La La gives you everything you need in your life (burger) a beef patty that is cooked to medium, rocket, garlic mayo, cheese, onion, tomato and most importantly for me, pickles. I love a burger with pickle inside it adds that extra crunch and some seasoning from the pickling liquor.

As for the sides, dead jazzy! Make sure you get yourself some onion popcorn, utterly moreish and they come with a rather lovely yoghurt dip! Also get yourself the handmade skin on fries, cant have a burger without fries…

So if you dread cooking on a Monday, or any night of the week for that matter and you’re in Cambridge, Butch Annie’s burgers and sides will not steer you wrong.


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