Portly Eats @ Buttercloud, Medford, OR


You dip biscuits in tea right? Well that’s what I’ve always done with mine… biscuits across the pond are somewhat different to our trusty digestives and hobnobs. To me they resemble more of a scone than anything else…

Brunch truly is my favourite meal to go out for, not quite breakfast not quite lunch but that perfect time of the morning for eating something truly lovely and enjoying time with friends. Buttercloud in Medford, OR, was this brunch trips destination. Famous… for their ‘biscuits’.

Biscuits in my opinion are slightly moister, savoury scones.  They seem to be the commando of the scone world not worrying whether they’re paired with jam or preserves, or smothered in gravy or stuffed with bacon and eggs.

I chose Buttercloud’s special, asparagus scrambled egg with roasted red pepper sauce, bacon, a biscuit, some raspberry jam and a pot of tea. I wasn’t brave enough to just order the biscuits and gravy, you know just in case I didn’t like them…

As it was though, they’re very nice indeed and as I said, like a savoury scone essentially.  Although ordering just biscuits and gravy might still be a stretch for me at brunch, I do love a good brunch and that is definitely what I had at Buttercloud! So if you get a chance stop by, the food is good and everyone is dead friendly too.


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