Queuing for cones, Portly Eats @ Salt & Straw, Portland, OR

Salt and Straw

Here is something I have never done… queued for Ice Cream, at night…  but it happened at Salt and Straw on 23rd Avenue in Portland, OR.  Good food is worth waiting for and the people queuing around the block to get into this ice cream store definitely knew something we didn’t, so we joined the back of the queue and let it take us to its end.

Good ice cream is definitely worth waiting for, now we’re not talking some measly scoop of over frozen ice cream or a 99 with a flake (although I am partial to one of those when at the seaside/whenever the sun makes an appearance in England.) no, we’re talking full on flavour packed creamy frozen goodness!

When we reached the end of the queue we were greeted by our own personal server who guided us to the counter, before letting us try some of the vast amount of flavours.  We tried caramel ribbons, strawberry honey balsamic and black pepper, olive oil and pear and blue cheese… interesting.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed trying all of them but the blue cheese for me was a step too far, I like them both (pear and blue cheese) separately but in ice cream, not so much. However the rest wwre amazing, the olive oil especially surprising tasting like a rich butter!  I went with the strawberry honey balsamic and black pepper.

With our ice creams chosen they were given to us in a house made, warm waffle cone and we were let out into the night to enjoy the dairy goodness we had just purchased.  Queuing for ice cream may seem a little weird but everything is batch made using local ingredients and comes in a waffle cone made in front of you! What’s not to like? The wait is definitely worth it!


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