‘Best burger I have ever eaten…’ Portly Eats @ Little Big Burger, Portland, OR

Little Big Burger, Portland

I’m going to say it ‘BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER EATEN’ and I mean that.  Everything about it was wonderful. Where was this burger? Portland, Oregon in a store called Little Big Burger and it was definitely that.

America well Portland anyway seems to have fast food and casual dining down.  They’re also not afraid to wait a little while for excellent food, something that here in The UK is lost. To quote Withnail ‘we want them here and we want them now!’ It seems that even sparing 5 minutes while someone prepares something amazing is too long for some of us.

Not at Little Big Burger, everyone was more than happy to wait those few minutes for the divine burger, delivered over the counter shrouded by a non-descript paper bag hiding the greatness within. Simplicity reigns supreme here with a menu of 7 items 3 of which are drinks, all done properly.

This is what they say; “lbb burgers are made with a 1/4 lb. of cascade natural beef, brioche buns, local cheeses, fresh veggies and camden’s catsup! everything is delivered fresh daily, and cooked to order in an open kitchen.”

You can taste the difference! I had the cheeseburger** with blue cheese, fries, which are coated with a generous amount of salt and best of all truffle oil!! Those fries dipped in Catsup (no Ketchup here) are totally divine, and they are dead crispy and served piping hot too!

Finally the reason I say this is the best burger I have ever eaten is that everything was done right, there was just enough salad, just enough cheese, the bun was the same diameter as the patty (which was cooked perfectly) and when I bit into everything stayed where it should.  I hate burgers that slip and slide everywhere when you eat them but the Little Big Burger, Burger was perfect from the first to the last bite.

So if you happen to be in Portland or Eugene, as they have a branch there too. Make sure that you pop in and try them!

**A cheeseburger, fries and a coke cost – $9.00 which is about £6.50


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