Black Pudding Bon Bons

Black Pudding Bon Bon

When you read whatever Bon Bon on a menu or hear about people making them for dinner parties it has always sounded super fancy.  I have no finally been shown how to make them. It turns out that they’re super easy to make but do look nice and fancy. We made our Bon Bons from Black pudding and some trimmings left over from slow roasting a pork belly.

  • Black pudding
  • Pulled pork trimmings
  • 2 eggs beaten
  • Flour
  • Oats

Start off with your black pudding, in a bowl or pan add a little water and squidge the black pudding through your fingers, this will be messy but it will return the black pudding to a paste.  Once you have your paste add your pork and make sure everything is well combined. Next, portion the mixture into little balls roughly the size of ping pong balls.  Finally dust them in flour, dip into the egg and roll in the oats. Too cook deep fry in some oil for around 5 minutes. Done.



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