Portly Eats @ Byron, Cambridge

Byron B-Rex

On a Sunday evening when you look down a menu and see a burger labelled B-Rex you really have to order it right?  That is exactly what I did at Byron Burger in Cambridge.  I’m not a fan of too much green stuff in my burger, I mean let’s face it if you’re having a burger and some chips some shredded lettuce isn’t going to combat the calories so why bother?

The B-Rex for me at least had everything I want in a burger, a medium-rare 6oz burger, cheese, bacon (everything is better with bacon), jalapenos, and onion ring, BBQ sauce and mayo with a pickle on the side, all stuffed into a brioche bun.  Perfect.

So yeah, the food was lovely and just what I needed, the service was very good and the guy looking after us was very attentive and with our ordered drinks he brought us a jug of water and some glasses. I know it’s just a little thing but I think you shouldn’t have to ask for water in any restaurant, so that was a nice little touch.  So if you need a burger fix in Cambridge, Byron is what you’re looking for.


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