Portly Eats @ Le Pain Quotiden, South Kensington

LPQ South Ken

On a drizzle filled Saturday at the end of half term I found myself in South Kensington in need of sustenance. Breakfast is honestly my favourite meal to go out for, don’t get me wrong I love eating dinner out and enjoying fabulous food in wonderful places.

Breakfast and brunch though, have a special place in my heart. I think it’s possibly due to the fact that in my everyday life I don’t actually eat breakfast. I know that you should, but I prefer slightly more sleep than getting up for toast or eggs.

Le Pain Quotiden sits on a corner a stone’s throw from The Natural History and Science Museums, both cracking days out if you ask me (specially the Science Museum). Anyway, I’ve had coffee here before in the summer, which oddly was another day when the sun refused to shine, but it was good and I saw the food being delivered to tables and decided I would return.

The thing about winter is that you want to eat the things that make you feel good.  For me that is good bread (again not something I eat regularly) with butter and something fun to put on the top of it!  So that along with a pot or Earl Grey was what I ordered.

I was more than pleasantly surprised when my breakfast arrived, I had ordered The Baguette and Rye Bread. On the menu it read Serving of Bread and then listed your choices. Now, I assumed that would mean two smallish slices of baguette and a slice of rye bread cut in half and placed at jaunty cheffy angles on a board.

I WAS SO WRONG! I got 4 decent sized pieces of fresh baguette and 2 slices of rye bread that if used for a sandwich would give a foot long sub a run for its money!  The preserves that my bread came with were equally awesome. Blueberry preserve, which I have never tried before (it was lovely and who doesn’t love blueberries…?) Apricot Jam and something called Blondie…

It turns out Blondie is White Belgian Chocolate Spread and it amazing! I think I had a little too much as I made myself feel slightly sick, but that’s my own fault!  Definitely would recommend you give it a go if you’re hungry and visiting the museums in London!


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