Portly Eats @ The Shack

Lunch at Gogs

Lunch at The Shack… it sounds like something out of a movie, but no it’s actually at The Gog Magog Farm Shop. On a rather unseasonably warm and sunny Friday in February I took my first trip to the farm shop for lunch with some friends. Sitting nestled in the countryside just outside Cambridge is lovely and the shack is an open air eatery, we chose to sit there as it was sunny and the restaurant inside was rammed with people… always a good sign no?

Once we had found our table I ordered myself a Scotch Egg as much talk had been made about these on our way there.  I have to say I wasn’t disappointed, it was lovely! Made from locally sourced ingredients and served piping hot too! Browsing over at what everyone else had ordered when I go back I’m definitely going to try the sandwiches and the salad as they looked lovely!


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