Portly Eats @ The Chop House, Cambridge

Ribeye Chop House

I’m going to keep this short and sweet I have eaten at 3 of the Cambridge Cuisine Group’s Restaurants now. All of them are fantastic!  It was my first time to The Chop House in Cambridge City Centre. I’ve walked by it many times and thought to myself ‘I really want to eat there.’

We went on a busy Saturday night, as ‘walk ins’ and were lucky enough to be given a table! For that I am most grateful! We were lead downstairs to the main restaurant (I didn’t realise how big it was) and shown to our table. After looking at everything on the menu and wanting all of it at once, my friend announced that they were going to have steak.

Now, that made my mind up for me, my eyes had been flicking back to the 10oz Rib-eye whilst looking at the rest of the menu and now someone else was having steak I knew I had to have it too!  I ordered the steak with the peppercorn sauce and creamed savoy cabbage.  The peppercorn sauce was extremely aromatic and worked fantastically with the beef and also the chips which were soon virtually swimming in it.

I ordered my rib-eye medium which is not something I normally do but the fat on a rib-eye needs to render down a little more than other steaks and it was perfectly cooked and oozing with flavour. I can’t really tell you how good the food is at The Chop House, you’ll just have to try it for yourself! I can’t recommend any of the restaurants in the group highly enough!


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