Portly Eats @ Seven Days, Cambridge

Deep fried squid 7 days

Seven Days is one of a number of Asian restaurants that have sprung up on Cambridge’s Regent Street in recent years. I have walked by them numerous times but never actually ventured in.  This time, myself and a couple friends step over the threshold and into a world of authentic Chinese food!

Why haven’t I been here before I asked myself when I looked through the menu, there were tons of authentic Chinese dishes available including Duck Tongue which I was intrigued about but wasn’t brave enough to order.

If you are expecting regular take out style dishes then I think some of the dishes on offer at Seven Days may not be for you but if you’re feeling adventurous it’s well worth a visit. I have to admit though, when I went I wasn’t in the mood for adventure and stuck to some favourite dishes.

We ordered some special fried rice, Pork Lau and Deep Fried Chilli Squid and were not disappointed. Sometimes there are things you crave Chinese food comes into that category for me quite often, along with the rest of South East Asia… if I’m honest.

The pork with its think savoury sauce was perfect with the rice and the squid was purely the tentacles!! For me they’re the best bit so I was more than happy spending a couple hours talking, eating and watching friends struggle with Chop Sticks! If you are looking for somewhere that serves authentic Chinese food at a reasonable price make sure you check out Seven Days!


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