Portly Eats @ The LP, Bury St Edmunds @lpbse

Mac 'n' Cheese

In between Christmas and New Year is that time of every year when people are unsure of what day it actually is and are even less sure about what they should eat. Most will stick to 101 uses for Turkey until around mid-February when the giant bird finally runs out!

After a giant meat feast of Roast Beef on Christmas Day (we had a vote a few years ago and decided none of actually like Turkey.) I was invited to see the new star wars movie, which was brilliant! I love all of the star wars movies… except maybe The Phantom Menace…

Anyway after the movie we were in search of something for lunch and also something a little different. In other words something indulgent and tasty that didn’t involve us cooking anything.  Now I’ve been to The LP before, but only for drinks and I have to say I like it a lot it has a really nice and friendly atmosphere and also holds a place in my heart as the first time I tried Frangelico a hazelnut liqueur or as I called it liquid Ferrero Rocher!

After being sat down and browsing the menu, I found what I needed! Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Jalapenos and Bacon!! Is there anything better for comfort eating and indulgence than that!?  I quickly ordered it and I have to tell was not disappointed!

The Mac ‘n’ Cheese was wonderful, there was wholegrain mustard lightly mixed into the thick cheesey sauce and the bacon bits that the menu stated were genuine chunks of bacon with plenty of jalapenos as well! To make it even better there was a side of fresh bread to make sure you got as much of the wonderful sauce inside you as possible.

If you want to feel a little bit healthy while stuffing yourself silly with some top notch Mac ‘n’ Cheese the dish also comes with a side salad… I must confess I didn’t have any of it… I was too pre-occupied with the cheesey goodness in front of me to worry about green stuff.  Anyway, The LP is in Bury St Edmunds and if you get a hankering for some Mac ‘n’ Cheese I would recommend you eat there!


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