Portly Eats @ Elephant & Castle #Dublin

I have to tell you about this place. Nestled in the heart of Dublin’s fair city lies Elephant & Castle.  Named after the London round-a-bout with a location in New York, the restaurant has an inviting atmosphere and also some of the best wings I have ever eaten outside of the U.S.A!  More on those later…

Breakfast DublinThe Elephant & Castle in Dublin has been in the city since 1989 when (as my server was telling me) one of their Irish chefs was denied access to America. As it says on their website “The Dublin Elephant & Castle was opened in 1989 when one of our Irish chefs was denied entry into the U.S.A., so we decided to move to Dublin instead. If Mohammed cannot come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed”.[1]

I like the way they work!  The restaurant as I said is very inviting and the staff are full of Irish charm for a Dublin Tourist to enjoy.  I stumbled upon The Elephant & Castle on a summer trip to Dublin and had to return when I was back in the city recently.  The wings are all I had talked about since I got back.

When I went the first time it wasn’t wings I was after, if I’m honest I’m not sure what I wanted when I walked into the restaurant. That was until I sat down and looked around.  Every single person and I mean every single person (on a busy lunchtime) had a basket Buffalo Style Wings in front of them and all were devouring them with beaming faces.

The crowd decided for me coupled with that irresistible smell of Buffalo Sauce filling the restaurant.  Now, normally at this point there would be a photo of these amazing wings.  I have to be honest, they were too good and I had almost demolished them before I even thought about reaching for my camera!  Try them they’re great.

My return to Elephant & Castle this time was for something wholly more traditional. A good Irish Fry, and I have to say it certainly hit the spot with all of the elements I was craving. Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, Hash Browns and Toast all washed down with fresh Orange Juice, just perfect!  So if you’re in Dublin anytime soon make sure to stop by for breakfast or a little later for those fabulous wings!


[1] http://www.elephantandcastle.ie/AboutUs.html About us – Elephant & Castle

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