Portly Eats @ Teri-Aki, Cambridge @teriakicamb

Teri-akiI’m a sucker for Sushi, or any kind of Japanese food to be honest. I have spent many an evening trying to get Katsu Sauce just right. Anyway that’s not the point. On a busy and also rather pleasant Saturday evening I made my way to (I’ll be honest) one of my favourite restaurants in Cambridge, Teri-Aki.

It is tucked away on Quayside behind Las Iguanas but has lovely views of people punting down the Cam from Scudamores who are located just in front. Before I get to the food, I would like to say one thing. Yes I have been to Teri-Aki before but this trip was as I have said on a busy Saturday evening, I have to say I wasn’t sure whether we would get a table at such short notice, having not booked.

I’m pleased to say that we did and that, as always the staff of Teri-Aki were super friendly and very helpful indeed. I love the ordering system at Teri-Aki too. Like the Smokeworks with its switch, Teri-Aki has its order pad. What happens is; you browse through the menu at all of the wonderful delights on offer from Maki and Nigiri to hot noodle dishes and Bento boxes. You then try and whittle the hopefuls down to a few finalists and then write the lucky few dishes on your order pad with how much you would like of each, the same for your drinks.

Once you have filled out your order one of your servers will collect it and process it, then within what felt like 5 minutes your food will be delivered to your table and you can enjoy the fabulousness of all that Teri-Aki has to offer. We went for; The Teri-Aki Bento, which was just stunning with its array of eating in one handy box, also I LOVE miso soup so any excuse to get some is good in my books.

We also got the Yaki Udon which was divine along with some wonderful sushi. We got the Tuna Maki, Spicy Tuna Rolls and some Salmon Sashimi. All of it was perfectly made and I think it is the best place in Cambridge to get top quality sushi! I kept it simple with the suhi too, just dipping it lightly in some soy sauce, I’m not a massive fan of wasabi but if you are don’t worry you get plenty to go with your fish!

So if you happen to be wandering around Cambridge and are unsure of what to do for lunch or dinner, I would highly recommend a trip to Teri-Aki, I think you’ll enjoy it! Oh also if you don’t want to sit in. Teri-Aki have a take away service so you can enjoy their delicious products at home!



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