Comfort Food: Creamed Swede

creamed swede

So continuing the swede theme, this one is from my childhood. When visiting family and friends for Sunday lunch this was always a highlight and has stuck with me, creamed swede. I think one of the main reasons it has stuck with me is that my mum (who taught me to cook) doesn’t like it so it never made an appearance on a Sunday at home.

Again this isn’t the greatest revolution in food history but it has a special place in my heart and always puts a smile on my face.  I paired the creamed swede with some roast chicken thighs that I had coated in a lemon pepper rub that I got from the butchers. But that is not why we are here.

  • 300g swede
  • 50ml single cream
  • Black pepper

I love this accompaniment and it literally is three ingredients.  Peel your swede and then chop it into small chunks. It will boil faster and also be easier to mash/blend.  Once your swede has boiled and is soft either mash it or do what I did and stick it in a blender. Now add the cream and give a good crack of black pepper then blitz it until it is smooth and lovely. That’s it, how easy is that!?


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