Portly Eats @ The Corn Exchange, Bury St Edmunds @jdwtweet

The Corn Exchange in Bury St Edmunds. It’s light and airy and really rather pleasant to spend time in. The old architecture of The Corn Exchange has been kept and the glass ceiling really does make a difference especially when it’s sunny.  Today though, we were out of luck with that one.  The furniture too is really nice with regular tables, sofas and wing back chairs creating an interesting dining/drinking area.Eggs Benedict Spoons

I’ve been to The Corn Exchange before and on a wet and horrible Sunday morning, I’ll be honest this was the closest place to go to without being soaked! We found ourselves a table and had a look at the menu.  I have to say for breakfast I think that Wetherspoon offer a good range of options catering to all tastes. It’s got the standard Full English, it’s got American pancakes, granola and more.  One thing I do like about the menus in Wetherspoon is that they have the calorie content of all their dishes, which is handy for people who are watching what they eat but still want to go out for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.  It does also make you go ‘Really!?’ when for example you see that a rack of BBQ ribs is over 1000 calories, but hey it’s tasty!

I went for the usual breakfast I have when I’m out which is Eggs Benedict and a cup of tea.  As part of the ‘Breakfast Club’ you can have your breakfast option and a hot drink for a pound extra. My bill came to £4.19 for the Benedict and my tea.

Let’s be honest that’s not bad value at all! As usual with Wetherspoon you order at the bar, telling your server which table you’re at and then they bring you your food.  The wait wasn’t long at all considering that The Corn Exchange was already fairly busy with people have a lazy Sunday brunch.

Bury SpoonsNow down to the Benedict, it was rather nicely presented and the poached egg on top of each slice of toasted muffin was very well cooked, with the yolk still being runny when you cut into it.  Also there was generous amount of ham on each slice and just enough hollandaise to complete the dish.  You don’t want to have too much Hollandaise as it can be too rich… well I think so anyway!

So if you’re out and about in Bury St Edmunds and are feeling a bit peckish and don’t feel like breaking the bank, pop your head into The Corn Exchange.


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