Portly Eats @SmokeWorksBBQ Cambridge

Smokeworks Platter
Right! Smokeworks Cambridge.  Tucked away just across from The Eagle in Cambridge City Centre, this is how BBQ should be done.  As you walk in you are greeted by super friendly staff and taken to your table.  The restaurant is pretty funky and the decor sleek and modern, once you’re ready to order there is a switch on the wall that calls your server over which I thought was a really nice touch and saves all that waving and also waiting, I liked it a lot!Smokeworks Bib

Also on your table you get given a Smokeworks bib thingy to stop any BBQness dropping down your front (which I have actually brought home with me) and a Smokeworks wipe to make your hands all clean and sparkly when you’re done.

After browsing the menu we decided to go for ‘The Works’ sharing platter and oh my god it was more than enough (as I write this I have what we couldn’t finish sitting in my fridge ready for lunch tomorrow!) On the platter you get; a rack of BBQ ribs, chicken Wings, a mixed meat bun, fries, a smoked sausage and some meaty BBQ beans!

I love ribs and they really were amazing! Well, everything was amazing, but the meat on the ribs literally fell off the bone! I even had to pick them up just to ensure I had got every last bit… which isn’t something I tend to do if I’m having ribs out (I know that sounds weird…) I have tried many times at home to get ribs to do that and I still haven’t cracked it.

The wings were super crispy and really meaty, the bun was awesome especially when dipped in my newest discovery, ‘Beaver Sauce’ it’s a honey mustard sauce and goes amazingly well with BBQ food.  I’ve had to get some for myself I found it on Amazon here.  It’s really good with fries too! Which were also no nonsense straight up crispy sticks of fried potato goodness.

The platter we had was £27 which for the amount of awesome food you get to eat is amazing value (I’m definitely going to try and make the meaty BBQ beans at some point.) If you’re in Cambridge anytime soon and in the mood for some epic BBQ be sure to stop by Smokeworks!



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