Rainbow Trout with Samphire and Courgette Pasta in Garlic and Herb Sauce

Trout, courgette and samphire

Fish and cheese, some say it doesn’t work, I think it does with certain fish anyway… trout being one of them. Fish really is the ultimate fast food, it’s good for you and let’s be honest it takes literally no time at all to cook it. I’ve been craving that creamy cheese sauce you normally get with pasta dishes but, I thought I’d try and switch it up a bit and make the ‘pasta’ with courgette and give it some texture with some Samphire. If you’ve never tried it is amazing with fish dishes! It has a natural saltiness and you can even eat it raw in salads which in my opinion really livens them up.

  • 2 fillets Rainbow Trout
  • ½ tub Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese
  • 1 Courgette
  • 100g Samphire
  • 50ml single cream (I used soya cream)
  • Seasoning

Start off by prepping the courgette, using a potato peeler run it lengthways down the courgette so that you get long thin strips… kind of like strips of pasta.  Now if you want to you can cut these strips in half or even thirds but that’s up to you!

Next, get your Samphire on the go, in a saucepan add enough water to just cover the Samphire, put it on the heat and once it boils take it off the heat and leave in the water while you poach the trout.  I use a frying pan to poach fish, as I find you can fit all of the fish without it curling up at the edges.  Fill the pan about halfway up with water and once its boiling gently lay the trout fillets in skin side down. Once the trout goes an opaque pink colour the fish is cooked.  You can flip them halfway through if you like, be careful not to break the fillets though.

Remove the fish from the pan and put on a small plate skin side up. Carefully take the skin off, starting at the tail end, it should come off in one easy motion up along the fillet. In a larger pan (I used my wok) lightly fry the courgette once it starts to get soft, add the Samphire, cream cheese and cream and stir continuously while the cheese melts to form the sauce. Finally flake in the trout and plenty of seasoning. Give it a good stir around to make sure everything is coated and serve in a bowl and enjoy!


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