Portly Eats @FiveGuysUK , Cambridge

Five Guys

‘Too damn deliciously evil’ is how The Evening Standard describes Five Guys burger restaurant. Finally, Five Guys has hopped across the pond and also up from London to Cambridge!  I had heard some great things about their burgers and decided to go check it out for myself!

On a trip to the cinema on a lazy Sunday afternoon, a burger and fries for lunch is definitely a plan.  As you walk in to Five Guys you are greeted with a light, spacious restaurant filled with the heady smells of fresh cooked burgers, fries and hot dogs.

Toppings five guys

Heading to the counter you’re greeted by your server and you can place your order.  I decided to go for a classic hamburger with ketchup, mustard, lettuce and pickles with a side order of fries.  You can customise your burger however you like, as you can see there are plenty of options!

Once you’ve ordered you’re given an order number and move along the counter to collect your food. While you wait you can help yourself to a tray of roasted peanuts, they’re a really nice touch I thought.

But now down to business, the food.  As I said I had a normal burger with some regular fries, but wow its brilliant!  The burger is extremely satisfying with just the right amount of fat keeping it juicy and moist right to the last bite. I will say now I don’t think that this is really date food… I managed to leave the restaurant with a few dribbles of fat and mustard down the front of my shirt.  But when the burgers are this good who cares!? This probably says more for my burger eating skills too, I’ll be honest I have been known to eat a burger with a knife a fork whilst out before now!

Lunch at Five Guys

Five Guys as close as I think it is possible to get to a proper American style burger this side of the Atlantic! In the classic burger you get a generous sized beef patty, a deliciously soft bun and whatever toppings you decided to have!  The fries are unpretentious, skin on, super crispy sticks of amazingness, although just one quick point… if you are allergic to peanuts please don’t order them as they are fried in peanut oil, which is great for flavour but fries are not worth anaphylactic shock!

Enjoy your burgers!


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