Portly Eats @ Pea Porridge, Bury St Edmunds

Tucked away in Bury St Edmunds is a hidden gem! Opened in 2009, Pea Porridge is truly an amazing restaurant. I went for a birthday meal and was not disappointed!  The restaurant itself is 2 converted 19th century terraced cottages, the interior is warm and welcoming with an open fire, bakers oven and pine dining tables with a culinary who’s who of cookery books lining the shelves.

The restaurant has received critical acclaim and has been given a multitude of awards which it rightly deserves the food is wonderful.  The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the service is excellent!

So, after trying to work out how I could order the entire menu and still have room for pudding, I decided to start, I would have the Snails with Bone Marrow, Pancetta, Flat Leaf Parsley, Capers and Garlic Butter.

Snails and Bone Marrow

All I can say is… it was fantastic I’d only had snails once before and bone marrow in a risotto or scavenged from the ends of chops.  To have it like this centre stage on my plate was a true delight!  All of the flavours complimented each other brilliantly and I must say I took my time eating simply just to savour everything on my plate!

For my main, I had the rump of lamb which came with a sweetbread fritter, fondant potato (which are always a favourite) and a white aubergine, two things I have never eaten before.  The entire dish was again a delight.  The white aubergine worked really nicely with the perfectly cooked lamb and the sweetbread fritter was a revelation!

Lamb with White Aubergine

Finally, to finish I had a massive slice of Tarte Tatin. Who doesn’t love an indulgent French classic!?  The pastry was super crispy it was just amazing and served with generous dollop of vanilla ice cream which complimented the caramel very well indeed!

If you have a chance to eat at Pea Porridge please take it! It is a lovely dining experience and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!



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